Friday, March 28, 2008

Dangerous Soy!

Hello again, today we will be addressing a common misconception. That's right, soy the ingredient in a lot of conventional and "healthy" foods. I have been known to be quite opinionated on health related subjects, and of course this will be no exception. I seem to love being healthy and vibrant or something like that. Well it seems to be the latest, greatest thing out there, soy that is. Let me be the first to tell you that it isn't as great as it has been hailed. I will do my best to tell you why in a short summary of the ingredient. First of all, I call it an ingredient because it has found it's way into just about everything on the market. From baby formula right down to pig feed. This so called "miracle food" is robbing us of our vitality and is by no means a health food. Although many in the healthcare industry, as well as the "exercise and eat right" community have been singing its praises for a long time. Something about how its good for your heart and can stop cancer, or how soy will aid in muscle growth and bone structure. These statements are very misleading. Soy got its start in the far east, but not as a food. The Chinese actually didn't eat it for some time. They worked with it till they could get it to sprout and that's when they started to experiment with soy and its edibility. Back then it was mainly used as a condiment by the Chinese. Even now we have commercialized soy to the extent that it is one of the most genetically modified foods on the market, about 99%. That's crazy! We have played with the structure of the legume till there is very little nutrition left at all. As a matter of fact the bean itself goes through quite a transformation on its way to your plate. After of course being fertilized and sprayed with insecticides while growing in a conventional field soybeans are then harvested, heated, and stored. Before they can be eaten they have to take a bath... not a bubble bath either. These beans will be washed in acid to remove their "beany" taste. They then are rinsed in an alkaline solution. These two processes should be enough to make you want to stop consuming soy. Additionally, soybeans are further extracted, isolated, refined and then added to many different foods. Today it is being used in everything from oil for margarine, to potato chips, to protein and energy bars, to fish food for our "fresh farmed salmon". I share this with you so that you will take some time to educate yourself. It seems like we spend too much time in this world running around doing everything for everybody else and we don't take the time to do what is right for our families and ourselves. A common practice for us should be to take everything we eat (such as soy) as close to it's natural state as possible, in other words eat it how God gave it to you. Do not mess with anything that has been altered or preserved or that the government calls a super food until you know for yourself that it is safe, besides you don't like being told what to do anyway. I know I don't, especially when it comes to food. Now now, after giving you that bit of information, I will tell you that soy can be enjoyed. Just like anything else make sure you get the best quality that you can. This usually means getting organic, non-gmo soy that ideally is sprouted. Just like other grains and beans, soy has a high amount of phytates (enzyme inhibitors) and trypsin inhibitors and so they are much easier to digest when they have been sprouted. Also, if you like soy milk your best option is to make it fresh at home with a press. Not only is store bought soy milk pasteurized but the oils in soy are very perishable and being a vegetable oil can go rancid easily. I would never recommend store bought soy or cows milk for that matter. That is all I have to say about. The subject of health is a passion for me... I love it and I live it. So without sounding to cheesy I will leave now with this... it is safer to smoke a cigarette than to eat one McDonalds French fry, but kids can't buy cigarettes. Interesting!

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One thing I like to soy is used as Infant formulas which based on soy are used by lactose-intolerant babies and for babies that are allergic to cow milk proteins. The formulas are sold in powdered, ready-to-feed, or concentrated liquid forms.

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