Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Medical Care and Profits

I have been researching these two elements for years and since I have been doing it I have realized a destructive path. Of course I am not the only one (thankfully) who has seen this obvious destructive path. I understand that our medical system used to be state of the art and all about the people and doing what could be done to help, but only in the beginning. Now I can see the eyes of the monster that has been created when profits and lack of education have crept ed in.
Don't get me wrong I still think that doctors can do some great things but, not all of these things are motivated by the love for the patient. It would be silly to doubt the power of money in this world, we see it in everything from high government to the smallest of churches. So to say that our treating of certain cancers and other ailments is motivated by money is just being honest. The problem herein is that people are dying and we are indoctrinating young medical staff to do it the profit making way because it is the industry standard.
This is particularly disheartening when you look at the simplicity of certain diseases and the fact that nutrition and exercise is and has been the cure for sometime but they are rarely ever prescribed. Why? I don't want to think that its just money but it has to be at least 50% of the reason. I think the other half is the complete discount of their (exercise and diet) effectiveness.
This being said I think there is a good article (one of many) that explains one certain disease and the proper care for it here is the link.

Growing and learning more about the body is important to your health and your families health. Just think about the millions of people that need to experience the Love of the Lord and not the love of money.

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