Thursday, August 14, 2008


Muscle pain is to be expected during training, it will come and go. All your muscles are like tubes woven closely together and when one or more of the tubes is swollen or inflamed you will feel the pain non-stop. This usually happens when you have rushed through your workout, using more weight then usual or not stretching properly.
There are ways to remedy this type of pain,
you can start by stretching out the sore area very slowly. Second,
You will want to ice it then do a stretch to warm it up then ice it some more.

After a day of healing you should be good to continue your work out regiment. There will still be some pain but you need to push through it and remember to have a proper warm up and cool down time.
If you have consistent pain, pain that lasts for 3 or more days you should see a doctor, or a chiropractor but take no medicine unless you absolutely have to.
Pain although it is very hard to get through and it will wear you out, but it builds muscle as well as character and will make you stronger.

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