Monday, September 22, 2008

New Special

Biggest Loser* Special
In honor of the new season of NBC's hit television show, The Biggest Loser*, we are now offering a package that will help you lose weight just like the contestants on The Biggest Loser*!

This is the most extreme fitness plan in town and will jump start your fitness ability and maximize your results. This one month program includes a 2 hour workout, 5 days a week for only $1760.00**. That's a 20% discount off our regular 2 hour session rate!

You choose the 5 days of the week at any time of the day, NO restrictions. This is the best value anywhere.

So, follow the lead of past and present Biggest Loser* contestants - get off the couch and start shedding the pounds while adding years to your life! Contact Terry right now to get started!

* We are in no way affiliated with NBC or the Biggest Loser TV show.

** Advance payment required. No reschedules.

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