Friday, March 20, 2009

Achieving Results

It has been said that numbers talk and that the scale is definitive as far as health is concerned. But of course I disagree, because I see so much more with my work in the fitness field. Often I have people get great results but with that comes the 10% that does not change at all. These are the people I want to address, they are discouraged and do not have a clear picture of the basics. Whether they can't hear what I am saying or their minds are in a different place while they go through the motions of exercising.

To them and any one thinking about getting healthy please hear me know, you have to dedicate your whole body to a lifestyle change, or its just a good idea.
You must start in a place where you understand that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by a matchless Creator. From there you have to create a clean heart and a clear mind with a willingness to be changed. Not for your own sake or mine but for the Glory Of God.

My mission is not to make everybody fit but to make their whole body fit so they can glorify God with their bodies. Not for me but as a testimony of Christ. If this is to much for you then lets simplify, you cannot achieve full whole body health unless you sacrifice your whole body, as unto the Lord.

I know some of you may not be believers in the one True God, and thats ok. I want you to know that I care about you too, and you know Gods loves you (if not you do now!) This knowledge will define your results and give you clarity of mind knowing that its not by power or by might but by the grace of God that you have found me and that you can pursue this transformation.

Step one:
Understanding Gods plan for your life, and (or) that He loves you unconditionally.
Step two:
Being willing to change by working hard, both spiritually and physically.
Step three:
Give up things that will hinder you from truly relying on Christ and any other physical crutch.
Step four:
Knowing that you are part of the problem, understanding you can't do it alone and knowing that you CAN do it!
Step five:
Giving Him the glory as you are stripped down then built back up spiritually, mentally and physically.

These are measures of success that you will need to get to whole health and then sustain it. Come to me willing and ready for the beginning of the rest of your life. As God has enabled me so I will enable you!