Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Conventional Nutrition Common Misconceptions

Well, I will tell you that I never get tired of talking about or blogging about nutrition, I love to study it and will find myself lost in reading about it for hours.
One thing I do get tired of is the same old silly misconceptions about nutrition, not sure what I am talking about? Let me school you.
Should I eat before my morning workout?

Convention studies say yes, because you will need fresh carbs and protein otherwise you will use stored nutrients.

Knowledge ad research, tells me this is bunk and experience illustrates that this is not the truth. Not eating before a workout is very beneficial especially when you are looking to lose weight. If you are a muscle builder than you need to eat some protein before your workout and then slam some protein within the hour after your workout.

Using stored carbs are a good thing because they are not being used! All nutrients coming into the body should be used and not stored if you are storing, than you most likely are not getting the right quality of nutrients. Understanding this will make it easier for you to lose the pounds plus push out the toxins stored in the unusable carbs and proteins.

Next question.

Should I stay away from carbohydrates?

Conventional answer.

Yes there are no good carbs, carbs will inhibit weight loss and make you fat.

You can have carbs and lose weight too! Good carbs are a great part of a natural balanced diet. The key word is balanced, you need a balance of nutrients, like protein, sugars, and carbohydrates. Study the difference, you will be surprised at what you can have as long as they are nutrient dense.

The single most important thing to remember when listening to conventional healthcare and fitness "experts" is that you are not "everybody". Usually you are getting a "catch all" remedy to a specific lack of nutrients.
Don't subscribe to conventional knowledge always do your research and get knowledge! You can overcome anything as long as you have the drive to get educated about it.

Now go and be healthy!

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