Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How To Eat Great On A Budget

Where ever you are at with your diet whether on day 1 of the maker's diet or you are just trying to make it work eating the best as you can while on vacation. You can eat great on a budget, actually money should never be an excuse for eating bad. I would much rather hear that you just wanted to eat out and have whatever you want for one night than hear that you didn't eat right because you are low on funds.

The reason I say this is, I have not only done this myself but have had friends in tight money situations eat great with little or no money. If you want the weight loss and the added health benefits of eating an all natural, organic raw diet then you must go out of your way to make better choices. Make a commitment to it and resolve to do so without question whenever possible no matter what. Turn it into a habit and know why you are doing it, if you are challenged on the way you eat you can explain that it's for life not for tastes that you enjoy food.

There are some foods that work great on a budget.
- Leafy greens
- Whole milk yogurt
- Oatmeal (soaked over night)
- Eggs
- Sprouted breads
- Sprouted pastas
- Long grain brown rice
- Lentils
- Black or pinto beans
- Vegetables from a local farmers market

The problem lies in the fact that we think we need to have a serving of meat everyday to survive and that is simply not true. You could live on greens and rice and lose weight as well as be full at the end of the day. Making a sacrifice will separate you from the people that only commit to a diet when it is convenient, but in this world with all of it's sweets and sodas eating right for health is never really convenient.

Be an example to others that you will not be swayed by your friends and family no matter what the situation is. I have had everything from a small discussion to a heated exchange about my diet. This being the case I will never change the way I eat and if I know that I will be forced to eat something I doesn't align with my diet I will eat before I go and take enzymes and probiotics so that I can get a jump on digesting it. Remember it's not your fault that your loved ones entertain with food or that they don't care about your diet. It is your fault if you cave in and do what they do in order to keep peace of to just make it easier on yourself.

Nothing in this world that is worth having will be easily attained.

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