Monday, August 31, 2009

Stress, Diet and God

I deal with many parts of life when dealing with a client, some are easy fixes but some are hard. One of the ones that are hard is a client recognizing that stress can play a vital role in blocking weight loss all together. There are multiples types of stress, like for instance: sleep stress, work stress, bitterness, resentment, or loneliness. Some of these things are not necessarily stress but they will have the same affect on the mind and body.

This can happen and stop you dead in your tracks as far as whole health is concerned. One thing that is vital for a positive out look for health is for a right relationship with God. No, not like just knowing Him but giving Him your stresses and finding rest with Him in all you do. This can be a struggle but your faith will grow the more you keep trying at it. The difference is measurable, I see it all the time in my work. People will go through the fitness steps and get really into it and then after about 2 months they can't lose weight anymore and the are upset at me. When I try and tell them that it is their stress they almost laugh at me. Then there are the select few that embrace it and change their lives through counseling or a newly energized walk with their Creator. The ones who embrace it are the people that will find success in whole health for a life time, and that is what it's all about for me.

Whether you believe in God or not you cannot argue with the fact that stress will pull you down and sometimes out of life. So if you think that this is completely inconsistent with anything you know to be true, what I want to say to that is for you to start by understanding what Truth really is. You will only get so far in life with fitness and diet why not try to give your life to Christ and let Him show you. I am not trying to sell you on it, there is no commission for me here, just a pure love for God and my clients!

In all things consider Christ first and you will see He does love you and you can be healthy from the top of your head to the soles of your feet both inside and out!

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