Monday, February 15, 2010

Raw What?

I have always been a fan of protein shakes and fruit smoothies. As you may know we enjoy a berry smoothy packed with Perfect Food green powder made from some of the best sprouted greens available. Aside from that I enjoy a goat, almond milk or raw milk kefir protein shake about twice daily. These shakes depending on what I am feeling, as to what I put in it, but it always has raw eggs, and cocoa.

I have recently been introduced to Raw Meal shakes! I follow and distribute products for Garden Of Life so when I saw the new Raw Meal I was curious as to what it was like. I purchased some and have been using it in between my meals, as I believe strongly in "flirting" with your metabolism to keep it at optimum levels. I place this shake with my already delicious protein shake, but not at first. When I got it and read the instructions I saw that they company (GOL) recommends that you place it in water. This was not the best flavor, I mean I could have got used to it. I also knew that it would be way better for me in the protein shake, so together they went.

My first reaction was "this is like drinking mud" but the benefits and the feelings afterward were far better than I expected. My energy levels are probably as high as ever, this is because of the rate of digestion is faster. Given it's raw state, my body was able to move and digest it quite fast. That plus the great nutrients in the Raw Meal leave me feeling pretty awesome!

Here is what the break down is for protein:
Regular protein shake- 24 grams of protein
Raw Meal mixed with my protein shake - 57 grams of raw protein!

This is just protein alone, not to mention the other great raw nutrients in the shake. For those go here
Read More Here!

My conclusion is: though it may be hard to get used to, the benefits are worth the price both financially and taste wise. You just can't get a better full meal replacement anywhere.
I still feel full over an hour after having it.
Try and let me know what you think!

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