Monday, April 27, 2009

Pandemic Scare

I don't know if you have been watching the news or ready the paper, but apparently there is a swine flu out there and it has killed 103 people and hospitalized 400 more in Mexico alone. There a has been other pandemic scares in the last few years but none that has spread so fast. I know that history reveals that a global pandemic can be a huge killer, so I understand the concern.

I have never been a fan of flu shots so if there is a swine flu shot I will probably avoid it and count on my own knowledge about my immune system to counter this flu as I would any other illness. I am going to do that by continuing to build up the "good bacteria" in my gut. Probiotics in the form or primal defense and lacto fermented foods such as kefir, I will also do things to keep my cardiovascular health and respiratory health top notch by doing cadio and strength training exercise. Another good thing it is to make sure you are getting your omega 3's as well as getting valuable antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.

You must do these things to help sustain health now and not wait for a pandemic scare or any scare for that matter. Some people will wait till they have a heart attack before they start exercising or get cancer before they start eating right. I employ you to start now and reap the benefits the rest of your life.

Educate yourself by reading and not giving way to things that just don't carry any logic like, "no calories" is healthy or "just cut out carbs" . These things don't make any sense but what does? Moderation and knowing what is a healthy carb and why empty calories get stored in fat. Content over quantity of calories, this is what I live by.

By doing this you will become a life giver to your friends and family that see you succeeding in prevention and health as well as fitness. Give it time to work, you didn't get the way you are over night so its going to take continual maintenance on your body to achieve health and then stay healthy.

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