Monday, April 13, 2009

Try A Fasting Cleanse by Extraordinary Health

Jordan Rubin states: “Fasting is the high-powered spiritual tool for breakthrough in body, mind, and spirit. The average person feels much better and lives healthier by observing a one-day partial cleansing fast each week.”

Dr. William L. Esser followed the progress of 156 patients who agreed to go on therapeutic fasts of various lengths while at his West Palm Beach retreat center in Florida. His findings as reported in Fast Your Way to Health are as follows: “He reported on the fasting of 156 people who complained of symptoms from thirty-one medically diagnosed diseases, including ulcers, tumors, tuberculosis, sinusitis, pyorrhea, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, cancer, insomnia, gallstones, epilepsy, colitis, hay fever, bronchitis, asthma, and arthritis. 92% improved or totally recovered!

According to WebMD Medical News a study appearing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences conducted by Mark P. Mattson, Ph. D. shows that “ mice, at least—skipping meals improves glucose metabolism and insulin levels, and it also seems to protect brain cells.” To test the diets’ effects on brain cells, mice were given a neurotoxin called kainite, which damages nerve cells in a brain region called the hippocampus—an area critical for learning and memory. In humans, nerve cells in the hippocampus are destroyed by Alzheimer’s disease. The meal-skipping mice had nerve cells that were more resistant to neurotoxin injury or death—more so than the other mice. “We don’t recommend people go whole days without eating,” Mattson tells WebMD. “However, we think this does suggest that skipping meals may not be bad—in fact, it may be good for you. In terms of our history, it’s only very recently that humans began eating three meals a day plus snacks. Our ancestors had to compete for limited supplies of food, and had to go many hours, sometimes days, without food.”

Chris Strychacz, Ph. D., a research psychologist at the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego, has been fasting every spring for 25 years. He refers to this as his “spring cleaning” that renews him in body, mind, and spirit. James Dillard, M.D., assistant clinical professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City, remarks about “detox” diets and fasting: “Certainly, the human body carries huge loads of petrochemicals. We know people usually die with the full burden of PCBs they’ve ever been exposed to “stuck” in their liver. DDT sticks around, too.”

Can fasting remove these? Dillard responds, “Theoretically, yes. When fat is mobilized, anything that is fat-soluble should be mobilized, too. He advocates this for maintaining health and long life: “The old-fashioned way of eating the right foods, getting exercise, clean living, and keeping a positive mental attitude—that’s what works.” Detox Diets: Cleansing the Body, WebMD archives)

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