Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beating Your Own Perception

We spend a lot of time wishing and hoping in our society but, we spend little time making hard decisions about our health, fitness and spiritual well being.
Self analyzation is key in every one of these ares but why is it so hard to look deep with in ourselves for answers? Because we forget how, we are lazy, we ignore the existence of God. Fill in the blank. No matter why, we are all more interested in watching someone else do it for us. This is why shows like the "biggest loser" are so famous and things like reading the Bible and spending time feeding ourselves spiritually, mentally and lastly physically.

It is easier to be mind-numb and watch Tv than to engage the mind in growth exercises like researching and learning about your food. They just aren't at top of the list for us, they hoover down on the list close to dental work. If we weren't told so often that our weight was genetic or that we are fine just the way we are and "it's o.k. to be selfish". I know the last one isn't said that way but we are aloud more guilty pleasure than we care to admit and then turn around and tell others we deserve it!

The reality is that we deserve nothing and we should be doing whatever it takes to achieve the will of our God. Maybe that is not weight loss but being a good steward of the things you are given is, and make no mistake about it, we will be held accountable for that. Whether we consider them gifts or not.
-Our bodies

There are so many things we are accountable for dig deep and stop making excuses for not achieving success in the ones you have control of!

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