Monday, November 23, 2009

Trim for the holidays special

12 week program (6 wks in the gym 6 wks in boot camp)

This program will offer one-on-one style personal training but in a group setting.
It will give you a chance to compete with each other
or work hard on a specific group goal. This deal is perfect
for couples or college groups in your home or
at our gym.

The first 6 weeks will be an intensive, focused and diligent muscle
dedication workout followed by 6 weeks of boot camp. Switching
in the middle will allow us to get you strong physically and mentally
then moving into some more demanding whole body, cardio work.

Trim for the Holidays will nearly take you straight through to spring
and the body you have always wanted. We will be also offering
2 free cooking classes, comprehensive nutrition plans, how to eat out
guide and recipes for eating for life!

-Groups of 4 - Couples or just friends. (must be at least 4)
-One-on-one in your home or gym!
-Takes you through Christmas and into spring
- We will work around your holiday schedule
-Learn comprehensive nutrition
-How to get through the holidays without gorging yourself
-Learn how to eat out and still lose weight
-EFT so you don't have to worry about when money is due

-A great price $30 a person!! For 2 days a week!

-Must pay a deposit by Thanksgiving ($100.00)
-Start on 11/30
-Must be at least 4 in your group

Register your group now and pay in full ($480) by Thanksgiving and receive an
additional discount (15% off).

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