Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Foundations Of Nutrition!

As I deal with more clients and different life styles I find myself constantly telling people some of what I believe are the foundations of nutrition.
These basics are not Ideal for major weight loss, well at least not by themselves. You must continue in a pattern of Strict dietary guidelines provided for your specific needs coupled with proper exercise and rest. These must be practiced for at least 30-60 days so that they become a habit. Make no mistake about it, habits are what got you to where you are and good habits will get you out and back into shape.

That being said some of the first baby steps of any whole health program I suggest and strongly recommend, you must remember these simples rules.

-Remove refined white flour from your diet as an ingredient of foods you make and as an ingredient that you consume in any other way.
-Remove refined white sugar from your diet.
-Remove dairy. This is one that you can phase back in after you have reached your goals. But always be ready to take it back out and never be dependent on it as a source of calcium or protein.
-Stop eating anything that is artificial, not real, born in a lab, zero calorie and fat free.

These basics will take you far and a dietary plan designed for your body to detox as well as intake maximum nutrients will do even more. If you are out there and you think you eat the best you can or have a "pretty good" work out routine I want you to know that you can always do better, and you will never eat 100% healthy.

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