Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Importance Of Eating Well

You may ask yourself why I put an emphasis on whole foods or organics. It may well be because these foods promote life, and through that they quite possibly may be responsible for saving life. As far fetched as that may seem to you the truth is in the pudding... or lack there of.

Eating well doesn't mean zero calorie, zero fat, no sugars... It is the exact opposite. Full whole fats, content over calories, raw sugars over artificial sweeteners. It's not just a good idea it IS the start to eating for life. Some other ways that you can promote life is by eating as close to raw fruits and vegetables as possible.

Grass fed free range meat, dairy and eggs are also vital to promoting life in the body. These foods are far better for you when they are in their most natural state. Giving you more nutrients that are easier for the body to use unlike foods that are stripped then re-enhanced with often synthetic vitamins.

Supplements are important because you can never have enough of certain nutrients. Such as but not limited to: probiotics, fish oil and low temp, low pressure super green capsules or powder. These aren't just a good idea, on most occasions they will restore nearly everything your body is lacking.

There is a down side to this style of eating, it's not a quick fix.... You must rebuild your internal organs as well as your digestive tract. It didn't get there over night and it will likely take years to run a full strength. Is it worth working for? Only if you treasure life and count it all as a gift from God.

Analyze these things in your life and please do your research, life is worth more then doing whatever feels good.

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