Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Game Of Fitness

Hello again,
I wanted to tell you somethings about the fitness aspect of your life and how you can keep on keeping on, pertaining to energy that is.
There are several way to increase your energy no matter your level of fitness there are methods that will always deliver.
I like my protein shakes 1 hour before or right after a work out.
it is important that you try and get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night along with going to bed before 10pm.
having your daily quota of water will keep things moving through and out of your body, this will prime it for detox in return keeping your body cleaner and more efficient.
Koombucha Tea,
there aren't many supplement type things I will tell you to do but this and probiotics are very important. Koombucha has probiotics in side because it is a cultured tea. It also aids your body in its defense from things that are unnatural or not a food at all.
These are good to take everyday and unlike multi vitamins you can never have enough. Good bacteria eats bad bacteria in your gut and that is the sole purpose of these amazing little guys.
Move things out more quickly, and don't mess with your bodies digestion time.
Now get off your butt and get in the gym!

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