Monday, July 7, 2008

It Starts At 1

People are always wondering why it takes so long after to lose the weight once they have made the decision to get healthy.

Well What you have to understand is your body receives things that it cannot process or digest so it stores it as if it is eating nothing at all. (starvation mode) This being the case you start storing at a very young age, it builds up over time. This waste is trapped and some of it very deeply trapped down in your fat.
Its going to take more than a few months to beat this, especially if you are over 35!!
This is the average age of a slow metabolism, and you'll need your metabolism to be at full power to lose weight.
This being said you will want to concentrate on optimizing your metabolism during the first 2 months but you will not be able to do it entirely because of the stored waste and toxins that have built up over time. They 2 ingredients Exercise and diet work together to achieve this. Once you are at your healthy body weight you can rest a little easier as long as you are still eating good (i.e. Makers Diet Phase Three)
you can use fitness to maintain your new figure with less effort.
Please remember that slow weight loss is permanent!! Do it for life.

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