Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alcohol and Weight Gain

It seems to be such a re-occurring thing as far as weight loss goes, people want their beer and weight loss too. Unfortunately this cannot happen, the two do not mix well.
I will explain, there are two kind of carbohydrates, healthy carbs and carbs that are digested as sugars. Now most conventional carbs are found in everything from bread and potatoes to fruits and cereals. Their origin does not decide their health factors, for instance an apple is good for you but not because it has carbs but because it contains the extra enzymes to help you digest those carbs in the most effective way possible. On the other hand bread containing white flour or wheat flour for that matter are equally filled with carbs but these are not as easily broken down do to the processing and sterilization of the wheat itself. Both come from good sources, living plants but they are not equal at all because of the process.

These unhealthy carbs as it were, are going to be broken down as sugars and ultimately stored as fat or in fat. They are not recognized as a viable food source which in turn will send your body into "starvation mode" thus storing a lot of other things such as some of the good food or healthy carbs. This is the biggest problem with beer, especially light beer. Light beer has been put through a vigorous process of carb reduction through chemical breakdown and filtration.
This is bad for a number of reasons the least of which being that the carbs in the beer are now not healthy and will not be digested like they should.

Your beer can be good for you there are numerous studies out there listing the healthy benefits of alcohol as a matter of fact your body produces alcohol everyday, but I think if you have come to a place in your life where you want to achieve maximum health you need to refrain from beer or at least cut back.

Over and over again I will have clients who are working hard to get into shape and they will spend the weekend drinking and will come in 2-5 pounds heavier than when they left on friday. It never fails the two beer and weight loss do not play nice together. especially when you are on a carb free, raw, and organic diet. I believe this to make the bad carbs from bad beer get stored that much faster.
This is because your system is cleaner and it has become accustomed to eating clean raw easily digestible food, then BAM you put something in it (your body) doesn't recognize as a food source and the bad carbs get stored right away.
If you don't believe me try it, then let me know.

You should limit yourself to 2 to 3 beers a week and consume a heavier beer such as but not limited to a wheat beer or an oatmeal stout. This will fill you up and you can digest it much better, if you find yourself consuming too much take a digestive enzyme to help you to process it.

Good luck and stay healthy!

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