Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Making Good Choices

This is my "new years" article for all those resolutions or broken ones rather. I know you all know the importance of fitness as well as nutrition but what about spiritual?
We spend lots of time on our bodies and very little on the mind and spirit (they are different). This is common unless you are into yoga but thats a "different" type of spiritual journey. Giving yourself to the process of health and fitness is so much more engaging than you have been led to be believe by media and other outside sources.
The difference is the concentration of spiritual well being over anything else in your life but NOT with utter disregard for your body and mind.
This is the mission I want to deal with as it pertains to my clients and my life, a holistic approach to your health but not for your benefit but for the purpose of giving gifts to others. Confusing?
Well I will try and explain it, you see God gives us things that He knows we can handle like the parable of the servants and the talents. The first servant got 3 talents, the second received 2 and the third 1, why? Because the Master knows what we can handle before He gives it to us. Can you "handle" your body? Its a gift to you, much like the life it carries and the lives you influence.
God is a great Creator you are fearfully and wonderfully made, no kidding if you don't believe put it to the test. Try it, try God and if He doesn't show Himself to you in someway after you have called upon His name then I am wrong, I have been wrong before and will be wrong again, but this I know God Is real and He wants to use you and your body.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, don't be afraid of change especially when it is ordained by your Creator. Give your body to something, someone bigger than all your problems He will give your strength to fix your broken body. The you can give me call and we will make it happen, spiritually, mentally and physically.

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