Monday, January 5, 2009

Tis The Season

Well we all made it through another holiday season, I hope there where few casualties in the fight to be fit. I know I struggled to get to the gym while I was away in Ohio visiting my family. But I am happy to report that we all came back well and with no sickness thanks to the vacation precautions article I wrote.

This is the biggest season for weight loss, all those empty resolutions about losing weight and being more healthy get there start this month and will probably find there ending here too.
You don't have to quit you know you can do this, nobody said it should taste bad but it will be hard. I encourage you to dig deep and to learn about your food (hopefully thats why you are here reading this) Understand why organic, raw and living foods are your best bet for losing weight, regaining your energy and health all while eating better than you do right now. I find two things to be prominent when discussing weight loss first, is nobody seems to know how to keep it off the second is people feel like the deserve certain foods.
The most important thing here is that you don't deserve anything! You must work for everything and never give up, its a marathon not a sprint. If you are not seeing the results in the gym you want work harder. If you are not keeping weight off then eat better, do it for life not for the year.

Physical training is one of the many ways you can serve the Lord. The body has to be conditioned too, much like the spirit and the mind. This should be a holistic process and you should strive for excellence in each one but keep your spirit first priority. We can serve the Lord with health, everything you have should be a gift to someone else. Everyday you have of health is a gift from God and we should praise Him and give to others the blessing that have been given to us.

I hope you all have a great year and remember to contact me if you want training or just want to talk.

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