Monday, October 5, 2009

Brain Function

I was reading today at about optimal brain function and how eating fresh vegetables will help your brain to perform at peak levels.

You can read the articleClick here!

The article reminded me of something that I know to be true, you can prevent nearly every kind of illness or disease with proper nutrition. Not only is a healthy diet great for helping you lose weight but when you are not on a diet but have changed your way of life to be a preventative diet by making better choices. Like eating whole, raw and organic foods you will not have the problems most Americans suffer from. Aside from that you will lose weight and feel great all in the same process.

Can it be that simple?
Try it for 30 days and you will notice the difference, no matter if you suffer from diabetes or you just need to detox, eating right can and will take you far. There is one catch, you must commit to it, this is not a quick fix program but the foundations to life and a healthy one at that.

If you are thinking about making some changes but are unsure if you can do it, email me and we can sit down and talk more about. If you live out of Nashville, Tn. we can set up a phone conversation or I can just email you. If you think you can do this the rewards will be great! Don't just do it for yourself think of your family, the way we eat is often selfish and hedonistic. We eat for pleasure and taste but not for life, because we think eating healthy will taste bad. It won't! Maybe taste different, but not bad.

Stop eating to satisfy cravings and eat for life! You body will soon crave those very foods that give you life, it's an education.

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