Thursday, October 29, 2009

Motivation, Determination, & Destination

These are 3 must have components for achieving anything in life that is worth pursuing. The problem is that our default status is one of laziness and contentment. There are times for both but neither one has a place in pursuing a life changing physical, spiritual and mental make overs.

What make over?

The one that helps you loose weight by learning the science behind the food you eat and growing spiritually in a way that you never thought possible. Sounds like a massive undertaking but I assure it is worth it and doable with the 3 things listed above.

Motivation- This will come from a competent personal trainer and spiritual coach but you must come with a level of motivation to see it through.
I cannot give this to you and I will not try, you have to want it. That means you have to get excited about what could be spiritually, physically and mentally. If you can do that then there is a lot we can accomplish.

Determination- Another thing that I cannot give you, having determination will get you through the low times whether they be cravings, pain, injury and time. Determination is that glare in your eye at the end of a growling workout that says "I got 10 more in me". Or "I failed eating right but I WILL do better today".

Destination- Arguably the most important of the 3 but cannot exist without the others and also cannot be given to you. A goal, a place to get to, a destination, is the only way to get to a location without driving in circles. Stopping and starting again and again is a good example of not having something to work towards. Simple or complex big or small whatever they are, you need to set them ahead of you and make them attainable.

Now go to the website and stop making excuses!
Get your butt in gear and in shape before you see your family during the holidays and learn how to survive them.

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