Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Brown Dog Foundation

The Brown Dog Foundation is a non profit organization that works to provide life saving treatment for pets when the pet's owner is facing temporary financial crisis:

"At Brown Dog Foundation it is our mission to offer pet owners in temporary financial crisis an alternative to euthanasia when their pet faces a treatable life-threatening condition in order to restore the quality of life for pet and owner."

Vet bills are extremely expensive, and to a pet owner who is out of work or facing financial crisis, it is nearly impossible to afford the costs of medical procedures and surgeries.

Our pets are often who we turn to when facing hard times, so not only does Brown Dog serve to save the lives of animals, but provides support to pet owners who desperately want to keep their best friend alive.

This spring, I lost my job and was out of work for close to four months. I could barely afford to pay for groceries, let alone pay medical bills if something had happened to my chocolate lab, Gurley Brown. At the same time, I don't know how I would have made it through that difficult time in my life if I didn't have Gurley. Your pets love you unconditionally, even on days when it is hard to love yourself.

Right now, Brown Dog Foundation works to help pet owners throughout Middle Tennessee, but sticking to the Nashville area is not enough. Currently, Brown Dog is raising money for a national fund, to expand Brown Dog's services across the country.

A main portion of the national fund is being developed through the Brown Dog Dublin Marathon campaign. I am part of a group of runners who are fundraising our way to the Dublin Marathon. Each runner has committed to raising $4,000 and training to run 26.2 miles in Dublin Ireland on October 26, 2009. The money we raise will help spread Brown Dog's mission throughout the country.

If you are able, I encourage you to donate to this cause. It is one that is very important to me. If it wasn't, I definitely wouldn't be running 26.2 miles!

Learn more about the animals who have been saved by Brown Dog at http://www.browndogfoundation.org/successes

For more information about Brown Dog and to donate to my campaign online visit
http://www.browndogfoundation.org/eburcham (Please note donations are not updated automatically).

Make checks payable to:
Brown Dog Foundation- Dublin
Erin Burcham
1903 B. Beechwood AVE
Nashville, TN 37212

Please feel free to email me with any questions. e_burcham@hotmail.com.

Thank you for your support!

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