Friday, April 18, 2008

Fitness Foes

Don't give in to the fitness industry! Everyone wants you to eat their food or take their supplements or by their equipment. It is a scam and you should be embarrassed for trying it.
Education is the only way you will find long lasting health and fitness in you life. Don't let anyone tell you that they can give it to you in just 30 minutes a day.
If you need coaching and a stiff kick in the pants thats one thing but depend on nobody for your physical condition. You are the key, the only one who can make the difference. The choice is yours.

Get up and do something with your life! Make a positive choice to change your life through education, then educate yourself.
Their are people who love you that depend on you, don't let us down.
Stop eating garbage and eat real whole food.
Don't feed you body artificial flavors and sweetners you body can't digest that. It like feeding yourself plastic
and plastic isn't food.
Ok i am done for now but I will be angry again so make sure it not at you!

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