Thursday, April 3, 2008

Understanding under the weatherness

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I feel better when I eat really well and over Easter break I went home (back to Ohio) and spent time with my family. I love my family but we don't eat the same but alas I was subject to their diet because I wanted to be with them. I eat a little the way I wanted to, using caution and with some success. Aside from being tired, my family and I made it back to Nashville in one piece.
Well we got home and then decided to get our diets back on track and eat really well for about three days, it was here where we got cocky. 
We thought we were feeling well when we ate some compromising foods, foods that sent our body scrabbling to digest. Which left our immune systems defenseless hence we got sick and might I add more sick than ever!
We would have been fine had we not been cocky and thought we were doing alright. Your body needs time to digest foods especially those foods that are not foods but chemicals.

We all have moments of pain this was mine. 

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