Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey all, Sorry for the delay I hope there are still some readers still out there. I have been in Ohio helping with my wife and her grandma will she is in the hospital. She has lead a good life but one filled with bad choices and one filled with letting what a doctor said keep her down for so many years.
She is in critical condition and is on a breathing machine to help her stay alive. Want I want to tell you that relates to this is don't let your ailment get you down. Get up and live while there is life in you, if you are to tired or you have a muscle pain get up and work through it!
I have sympathy but I will never give up on life or the rush I get when I live it for the right reasons. Life is to short to make excuses get off your butt and move don't die sitting down. Make your life an example to everyone who ever wanted to live and be better than you are. Strive for perfection even if you will never reach it.

Until tomorrow....

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