Friday, June 27, 2008

Why do I train using the Maker's Diet?

I get this question all the time, and I give the same answer all the time. It gets results!!! I use it because I trust it and it worked for me and members of my family as well as my closest friends. I love to hear clients say " I feel better than ever" this happens usually with in a few weeks.
The feeling of energy along with doing some good with their diet makes them feel good both mentally and physically. But one of the hidden things abut the diet especially if you have read the book is, the spiritual content. This is the area that I would love to see more health in my clients all together. Because knowing God is the best thing in life! You will experience spiritual health from the book if you let it, and then in turn you will reap the benefits of a healthy diet later.

Another great thing about the diet is once you get to stage three you and make the commitment to healthy living from that point on you will lose more weight over time. It doesn't drop like crazy, its slow and steady but slow and steady weight loss is permanent weight loss.

Side effects to the diet are: YOU WILL increase energy, sleep better, be more focused and better know your body. You will also return you body back to perfect health. I have clients stop taking drugs for things like hyper tension, high blood pressure, hyper glycimia, and low blood sugar because they need them anymore.
This is what the diet does naturally, gets the chemicals out and allows your body to heal itself. All this from the Bible, who knew?
Turns out Jesus really DOES care about your life and wants to give it to you more abundantly.

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