Monday, June 2, 2008


Hello Again and sorry about the long delay between posts but I am currently out of town at a friends wedding. I am staying with family and it seems like I can't get through to them with the importance of the diet which my wife and two kids are on. That diet is of course the 3rd phase of the Makers Diet, most of you know that and are probably on it yourself.
We have been on this diet for about 5 years and we are constantly bombarded with questions about the way we eat. This is great but you can only ask so many questions in 5 years so the get repeated.

The good news is that my family is making some positive changes by drinking raw un-pasturized milk and grass fed free range chicken and eggs.
The reason I write about this today is the last time we where here we tried to be polite and eat what was given to us. Which is what is politically correct, well this method got me sick and I haven't been sick in years! The whole family my wife and my oldest son all of us got sick.
Why? Because is takes time to digest food the more poor the quality the longer it takes to digest. And if you have years of fat stored on your person then you compromise your immune system even more.
When you take energy away from your immune system then you will get sick its only a matter of time. Hence our family sickness the combination of being around a bunch of people and not eating to live we compromised our health then got sick.

So make sure if you are new to this diet you take extra precaution when going away. Take with you many of options for your body to maintain optimal health. We like to have plenty of cultured milk (kefir) and some whole food or green bars from garden of life. These 2 things plus our raw milk and plenty of digestive enzymes will encourage health and help you not to get sick.

Needles to say we made sure we had these items this time around and I am feeling great so is my family. So stay healthy even when you get to take a vacation or go out of town. DO it for yourself and do it for life!

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