Thursday, June 12, 2008

Know What is Slowing You Down

Its safe to say that America is a fat country with over 60% our body fat index numbers of 30% and higher. There are so many reasons for it as well, first one that nobody seems to realize. Sleep and rest that we need before and especially when we start a workout. It seems as though we busy ourselves with work to make up for being over weight or to make up for some other short fall altogether. This is difficult and dangerous for your bodies health and wellness. And this is just one piece of the puzzle there are so many others most of which you already know.

Diet is as important if not more important than exercise. IF you can learn what to eat and retrain yourself to eat whole healthy organic foods you will lose weight and feel better than you ever thought possible. It is amazing to me when people say I am not losing weight as fast as I would like but I feel better then ever after only 2 weeks. Remember slow weight loss is permanent weight loss. You will burn toxins from bad food first then the weight that it is stored in.

Well i feel like I am beating a dead horse so I will let you think about this for now and I will write you soon.

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