Monday, December 8, 2008

The Importance Of Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that lives in your gut along the intestinal tract. This "good" bacteria is responsible for ushering out bad bacteria found in processed and cooked food. When our food is cooked the living nutrients are deactivated and the enzymes are usually killed or damaged.
These bad bacteria or dead bacteria have to go some where so they will sit in the lining of you gut and if the sit there long enough the buildup will grow until you find yourself over weight or with a leaky gut.
Having a leaky gut will contribute to things like gall stones, kidney stones, cysts, and the worst case is a tumor. 
These side effects will take some time to occur but when they do they often go unnoticed till they become so big that they interfere with our other organs. Once they have made their way into the body they feed on processed sugar and flours. Why? Because the sugars and flours are in the simplest form so they act as a great food source for the bad bacteria causing it to grow rapidly with minimal effort.

Probiotics in your gut like I stated at the begging, will usher out the bad bacteria much like good fats in the body push out the bad. Once you have started to take these probiotics you may notice some slight discomfort but thats only because it is working and it doesn't last long. One thing you don't want to do is to continue to eat your normal processed and cooked foods for this will over ride what you are trying to do. 
Eat as close to a raw food diet as you can possibly do, this will regulate things like your weight, your metabolism, and your bowls.

Stick to it even though your gut will kill some of the good bacteria this has to happen but you have to make sure you are getting the best quality of probiotics. How you do this is by reading the bottle, you need more species of bacteria and then more parts per billion.

For instance if you are taking a probiotic that has 5 species and then 1 million parts per billion you are doing ok.
But if you are taking a probiotic that has 13 species and 9 billion parts per billion you are probably taking a Garden Of Life Product hence doing the best you can do.

Is what I recommend and the only brand I have ever used because of one simple fact, it was made from a raw source and never cooked beyond 113 degrees. So none of the enzymes and the good bacteria are not only protected but they are easier for my body to use and thats what its all about anyway.

I hope you are considering changing your diet with the help of this blog and these wonderful supplements. Remember you have a friend in nutrition here

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