Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its that time of year again

If you are looking to get sick let me tell you how to do it!

First eat lots of bad food like potato chips, donuts, pork, conventional milk, or any thing artificial. There are so many foods that will impair your immune system, but thats not the only thing that will cripple your immune system.

Second ,eating out of a set schedule or not at all.
Third, eating to much or to late. 
Fourth, taking any medication. 
What you will want to do to increase your odds of getting sick is eat all this and more. What happens when you do this?
Let me tell you, all of your bodies energy that is naturally created by the good foods that you eat, the raw fruits and vegetables is going to be used to digest your food. So you are pulling vital energy away from your immune system to eat to your taste and pleasure not to live. 

This is so commonly the case and most people think it has to be a virus that they have come in contact with recently, when thats not the case at all. Your body stores things all of the time especially foreign substances including dead or bad bacteria. This sits around till your body is forced to push it out or use it, either way you will not like the results. 

Sticking to a schedule when eating and then eating raw easily digestible food will help you to stay well and maximize your health not to mention aid in boosting your energy and your immune system. If you are trying to lose weight then it is especially beneficial for you too.

Some other things you can do is take Probiotics found in the web store as well as some immune support teas and supplements also found in the web store.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I disagree with your second point though. I have noticed that calorie restriction and not eating at all can have excellent health benefits. Digestion takes so much energy that not eating gives the body a rest... even when eating good foods.

Terry Barga said...

You are right! I didn't specify that not eating is only bad when you are feeling ill already. Fasting is great for the body no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

Thanks for the comment

Tim Mallon said...

Yeah I agree as well. Well said and well corrected Terry :)