Monday, December 22, 2008

Vacation Precautions

I am headed out or am out on my Christmas vacation right now, so I will be enjoying family and friends while stomaching bad foods.
How I plan on staying healthy is to bring with me an arsenal of vitamins and other supplements as well as as much food as I can take. The list is extensive but, I take my health very seriously for my family as well as myself. We also like to go to the gym while we are on vacation, so we don't lose any progress that we have gained while at home.

Kombucha, is a great health food and is easy to find or make. This cultured tea is full of B vitamins and beneficial enzymes that will boost your metabolism and give you an energy boost to keep up with all of the festivities.

Kefir, another cultured health food and it is a little harder to get a hold of, because it is at its best when made from whole grass fed unpasteurized milk. If you have access to this then you are way ahead of the "game", kefir has a yogurt like texture and is great with berries and bananas. It is easy to digest and is packed full of probiotics even more than the kombucha.

Omegazyme digestive enzymes come with me when ever I think that I might have something that will screw up my system by slowing down my digestion so much that it puts my immune system in jeopardy. Because 85% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. So don't take any extra energy away from it!

Perfect Food Green Powder is in my kefir shake with the berries and the bananas every morning because it is so hard to get your daily greens everyday but especially when you are on a trip. The perfect food powder can also be mixed with water or tea and will make your body feel energized right away.

Primal Defense Powder this is a must for any body including kids. This a highly concentrated probiotic blend that is easily assimilated by the body than the lesser GNC or Walmart brands. This will restore the beneficial bacteria in your gut that you are killing with the bad foods, or antibiotics that WILL compromise your immune system.

Vitamin Code Multi Vitamins, These are a newer addition to my arsenal but it has shown itself as a great fighter and energy restorer. The Vitamin Code multi's are great and by far the best vitamins I have ever taken, simply because I feel amazing after taking them. Your body will tell you whats good when you have it running really clean, it will react to the good and bad with signals that help you to determine what is good and bad, that is if you are listening to the messages your body is sending you.

Some other items I take with me are,
Ezekiel 4:9 Bread
Free Range Turkey Bacon and Eggs.
Whole Milk Butter.
And my wifes' great organic chocolate chip little pieces of heaven cookies.

You can find all of these items with some exceptions on my webstore
What do you do to stay healthy while on a trip?


Anna said...

Hi Terry,

I ran across your Blog through a Google alerts update (on probiotics). I’m learning more and more about probiotics and began taking a probiotic supplement recently. I have already noticed a significant difference in my digestive system, and I even credit the supplement with helping me get over a recent nasty cold faster.

Do you stick to getting probiotics in foods, or have you explored the supplement option? I have yet to try kefir but I definitely will! I never go anywhere without my Ezekiel 4:9, either thanks to a recently discovered gluten sensitivity. Hope you have a happy, healthy holiday!

Anna MacDonagh

Terry Barga said...

Yes I am a big fan of the probiotics in supplement form. I listed the primal defense powder on my list I use that everyday. I have many clients that love the way the Primal Defense Ultra makes them feel, it is sold at my webstore.
Check it out