Friday, December 5, 2008

MMMMM Protein!

So I have been on a quest of sorts for about a year now, this quest, if you will has been geared towards muscle gain. 
In order for me to gain muscle I need to do 2 things, 1) is to work out like crazy. 2) is to eat clean foods such as protein and fiber from raw sources whenever possible.
Well, I am glad you asked, these foods will be more useful or easily assimilated into the body. Thus, I will not be wasting precious energy on digesting my food and more energy on muscle repair. 

This adventure has been going swimmingly, I will hit you with the numbers so you can see why I think so.
I started this and my body weight was 150 lbs.
I could lift 140 and I worked out 3 times a week for about 30 minutes with very little cardio.
What I did to gain weight is I slowly started to eat more cleanly and more often, for example I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on organic sprouted Ezekiel 4.9 brand bread right before I went to bed. 
The peanut butter was raw organic and the jelly was more of a jam with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.
I had 2 every night for about a month, followed by a breakfast of turkey bacon and free range eggs as soon as I got out of bed.
Then mid morning I had a protein shake with 4-6 raw free range eggs, 2 cups of raw grass fed organic milk, 2 tablespoons of cocoa in the blender.
Lunch was usually another sandwich on Ezekiel bread, maybe peanut butter and jelly or a b.l.t. made with turkey bacon.
Afternoon snack was just that something like cereal, Ezekiel 4.9 makes a great tasting high protein cereal.
Dinner was fresh vegetables, sweet potatoes (roasted in coconut oil) and chicken or free range beef.

This process was delicious and helped me to go from 150 to 198 in 6 months! I am now close to the 200 mark, but this has made my workout routine change and I have forced cardio into it as well as changing out some of my protein sources.
I work out now for 1 hour at least 3 times a week, and I run 3 times a week for 2 miles and have seen a significant difference in muscle mass as well as density.
I lift 200 pounds now and spend less time with muscle recovery, the biggest thing now is how good I feel. 
I think this is a lot to do with the type of protein I have switched to and that is the Fuco Protein bars and the perfect meal shakes.
They have replaced my mid morning shakes and mid afternoon snacks. The difference is the way I feel and that is...great!

The Perfect Weight America Program from Dr. Jordan Rubin is geared towards changing your weight by changing your life to achieve your perfect weight. It is used more often for a meal replacement but I have used it to increase my protein consumption in a clean easily digestible way, and they are thermogenic! 

This is great because they will help your body to burn fat naturally so you don't have to worry about it, ever. Thermo- means "heat" and genic- means "generate" these bars help you to naturally burn body fat by generating heat,thus causing you to sweat more, the coolest thing ever because it is organic and raw!

So you see it is good for both the weight gainer and the weight loser (ha), take it from me because I use it and it works!

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