Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eating For Optimal Health

I get mixed feelings all the time about the way I eat, some is good but most are glazed. Not like a donut more like misunderstanding such as "I eat healthy, why are you any different?".

I have to say I don't mean to make anyone feel bad but I have to stick to my diet not because I want to lose weight (quite the opposite) but to also sustain optimal health. That doesn't mean you have too as well, it just means that I am not going to go places and eat what you eat and enjoy it because my body acts different. Why does it act different?
Well when you re-educate your body by giving it living nutrients, change the way you react to toxins. Your body is much easier to listen to when this happens, you will know what is dangerous and you will feel worse when consuming bad foods. This is different than most diets because we are treated to mass production. Trying to feed more people for less money, this is what happens in restaurants, this means poor quality food. The food becomes sterile and life less, it fills you up but without any substance.

Despite what you might think I eat raw, organic and grass fed foods, I don't lean toward any fad diet. I just eat the best I can with the money I have, meaning sometimes I will compromise due to money. When I do it will still be with in my budget but still high quality contents. Doing this has helped a lot of my clients lose weight but I have also gained 45 pounds of muscle doing it too.

When dealing with muscle gain and raw and grass fed foods, you will notice a higher amount of muscle density along with the mass, if that is what you are shooting for. You will also notice lasting strength, you will sustain the muscle longer when on a break or vacation from working out.
Losing weight will work too, but you have to be more disciplined towards the fruits and vegetables and less to the complex carbs and meats.
You do this because chances are you body has already stored this from many years of simple carbs and bad sugars or simple sugars. So eat living foods to reach your goals, it will take less time, but it will still be hard because you are re-learning how to eat, the struggle is worth it in the end.

Once you have reached your desired weight you can eat more meats and complex carbs i.e. anything sprouted and grass fed. Its about quality of content more than calories, this is not the "standard" but trust me it works.

Remember you can do this and you don't have to do it alone, get your family on board, inspire somebody to live a healthier life. Not just for themselves but to be an example to others and to better serve others. Do your research!

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