Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun With Fasting

Well its that time again, yes time to fast. Why? Because fasting is a great way to reset your body after a holiday or a life of bad diet decisions. Whatever you reasons to fast it is a great idea, no matter if you are mass building or striving for weight loss. Fasting resets your bodies ph levels, and helps to boast your metabolism. Your body needs short fasts as a way of assisting in detox and delivery of nutrients to the blood.

For example the body will feed on stored fat and if nutrients are there the body will use these nutrients as fuel all while you lose weight and recharge. If you are mass building a fast day will also keep the body running lean helping you to assimilate the protein and give you an energy boost.

Boosting you energy is a great thing about a fast when you are not trying to lose weight, you are giving your body a chance to catch up in its digestion. For example your body (if you are not eating raw whole foods) uses a lot of energy to digest synthetic and sterile foods. Taking any time away from doing that will result in added energy for your fitness goals as well as other daily tasks.

I fasted once a week during my mass building and it gave me that little bit more of a push as far as my energy was concerned, to get the work out that I needed. As a result I gained lean muscle and mass rather quickly. I think that fasting is also a great way to get your mind and spirit into a place where they can handle some things that they may not have otherwise .

If you are a believer in God as I am spending time away from your normal thoughts and worries is indeed a great way to get back too a place that you can hear the voice of wisdom and clarity.

So you see any way you look at it fasting is a great way to reset your mind, body and spirit to get geared up for your goals and maybe find out something about yourself that you didn't know before.

Just a thought from your friend and trainer, now go and have a great week!

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