Monday, February 23, 2009

New Single Nutrient Raw Vitamins

Now Available!

Are you aware that our “advanced” technology and need for speed in everything we do, may just be compromising our health? Fact is, we’ve become a nation of eating fast, processed, prepared foods that are deplete of the vital nutrients we need. Some people are taking steps in the right direction by eating all raw foods or going vegetarian. But this group also is highly susceptible to nutrient deficiencies due to the lack of animal and dairy consumption. So Jordan Rubin, CEO and Founder of Garden of Life® decided to put our “advanced” technology to good use and developed the only raw, vegan, gluten and dairy-free line of specialized single nutrients.

Vitamin Code™ RAW single nutrients are comprehensive, whole-food formulas made with RAW Food-Created Nutrients™. Cultivated with their unique Code Factors™ intact, the RAW Food-Created Nutrients enable natural recognition of nutrients by your body, just as nature intended. Code Factors, compounds found in food, are necessary for proper nutrient delivery. Enhancing these formulas is the addition of a RAW probiotic and enzyme blend along with a RAW organic fruit and vegetable blend for added nutritional support.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t, Vitamin Code delivers the right formula for you - the way nature intended.

This is both a medical and natural break through for all of us. Getting all your daily values of nutrients from a single vitamin source, that is both chemical free and raw is amazing.
You will be getting a premium product from a trusted name Garden Of Life, and Nashville Nutritionals.

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