Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Is Kefir

Easily digested, it cleanses the intestines, provides beneficial bacteria and yeast, vitamins and minerals, and complete proteins. Because kefir is such a balanced and nourishing food, it contributes to a healthy immune system and has been used to help patients suffering from AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, and cancer. Its tranquilizing effect on the nervous system has benefited many who suffer from sleep disorders, depression, and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

The regular use of kefir can help relieve all intestinal disorders, promote bowel movement, reduce flatulence and create a healthier digestive system. In addition, its cleansing effect on the whole body helps to establish a balanced inner ecosystem for optimum health and longevity.

Kefir can also help eliminate unhealthy food cravings by making the body more nourished and balanced. Its excellent nutritional content offers healing and health-maintenance benefits to people in every type of condition.(

I use kefir everyday, I have it in the morning as a shake with berries and primal defense. Kefir is rich in B Vitamins as well as essential amino acids that you need to assimilate proteins as well as other nutrients. The B vitamin complex is great for giving you energy, it can be a great replacement for coffee.

Adding kefir to your diet is a smart move as it will rebuild your internal eco-system or your second brain if I can quote and I think I can.

By rebuilding your digestive tract you are helping your body to digest the nutrients you get from your food. Thus you will be less hungry, less sick and full of energy. I have known kefir to also be great at settling the stomach after a indulgence of something I know shouldn't have eaten.

Kefir is better when grown yourself with grass fed organic milk as you are getting even more nutrients from a"safer" source. But it is also a good way to healthy up you milk, and its works great even if you are lactose intolerant.

Have a great day!

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