Monday, February 9, 2009

Is Your Food Sterile?

Too many of us in America are consuming more and more sterile foods or food with little or no nutritional density what so ever. If you are are taking in these empty calories then you are not giving your body any fuel in turn you are either very tired or lacking focus or even worse your body thinks its starving and stores everything it takes in.

What are some sterile foods? Well I bet you could guess on some of them but I will make a list here for you.

-White Flour

Flour is taken from wheat which in its whole form is healthier than the processed white stuff that we use so commonly. The wheat is dually processed with heat and bleaching agents neither of which I want in my food nor support quality of content. It is stripped of its enzymes, peptides and any other beneficial nutrient. It is at its healthiest when consumed sprouted and organic.

-White Sugar

Sugar is not good for you either way you look at it, because it feeds bacteria and it lingers in your system for longer than you would suspect. This lingering is why we get sick a week or weeks after we have been in contact with any virus. Sugar is ripped down much the same way as flour and they both are fortified or injected with synthetic vitamins and minerals. Although sugar is never really "good" for you, you can get it with its minerals and enzymes still intact by buying rappaderra or cane sugar.

-Lunch Meat

Lunch meats, hot dogs and a lot of other foods are sterilized using irradiation which is the process of exposing food to ionizing radiation to destroy microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, or insects that might be present in the food. Further applications include sprout inhibition, delay of ripening, increase of juice yield, and improvement of re-hydration. Irradiation is a more general term of deliberate exposure of materials to radiation to achieve a technical goal (in this context 'ionizing radiation' is implied).

Yes you read correctly food exposed to radiation! Despite what you are told or made to believe, anything exposed to radiation is not good for you! So get it out of your mind, it changes the molecular structure of our food while it "cleans" our food. So stay away from anything irradiated.


There are others food but for lack of time I will just tell you to do your research and know what you are eating, when something says "white corn, salt and vegetable oil" then alludes to this being good ingredients based on its simplicity they are dead wrong.
Salt is another over sterilized food and would be WAY better for you if it was raw from a safe source. As far as white corn goes, well... there is not enough time in the day to address that.

Thats all for today now go eat your colors!


Sherry said...

Great article, Terry! I've found that I feel so much better when I eat right. Honestly, it has not been too hard for me to shop for food when I stick to the perimiter of the grocery store (produce, meats, spices, dairy). My motto is that if man has "fortified it" (aka modified it), then stay away from it! There is no perfecting what God has made, they just ruin God's creations. ;) You've taught me that if it's not the way God intended it to be, then don't consume it. Thank you! :)

Julie said...

Don't mean to rock your white flour world...or maybe I do! Check out Shiloh Farms Srouted flours - as they are a probiotic food and can be substitute one for one in baking. Imagine a flour that tastes amazing and digests as a vegetable. I read about it at and have used it with success ever since.

Terry Barga said...

I actually would love to have my flour world rocked! I do enjoy the sprouted flour and grains, I thought I said something about that in this article. Oh well, you are quite right sprouted is the only way to consume grains.

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I was just going to ask about flour. :) I've been seeing "organic" flour at the store, but not sure if it is just a word they are putting on the package or what.