Monday, July 20, 2009

1 Pound of Fat Vs. 1 Pound of Muscle

If your goal is to lose weight I think it is good to see what the difference is between the two. In the picture above you can see that 1 pound of body fat is much more bulky and gross than 1 pound of muscle. Losing this body fat will help prevent more in the future by converting some of the body fat to muscle you will burn fat just by resting.

Consuming good fats like those found in fish oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Will also be a way to ensure that what does come back will be easily assimilated into the body and used in the proper areas. These good fats will also usher out bad fats that you consume and those that which are stored in certain areas of your body.

As you burn this stored fat you will start feeling better but you will also remove a lot of toxins which will ensure that you are less sick. In this process you will notice that your muscles are sore but that the soreness comes and goes and before to long you will be pain free.

With this new found strength and lack of fat you will be slimmer with more energy plus look and feel some much better. When you start to see these results your state of mind changes and you will notice that it is easier to continue in your goals for whole health.

It all starts with the decision to become healthier and with the proper motivation you will achieve your goals with little chance of returning to the same weight if you educate yourself in the process.

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