Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation Season!

It is vacation season and we all need to get away every once and awhile. Whether you go out of town or out to dinner you should remember to always take "precautions". If you take the proper steps you can minimize the effect of bad foods, lack of water, and no exercise.

Try taking some digestive enzymes before you eat any meal not made to your purity standards. A Primal Defense is good for this as well, giving you beneficial bacteria as well as giving you a jump on digestion.

Take a resistance band with you! Your workout will be intense and you can nearly do everything that you could do with weights. This is good so that you can keep encouraging muscle growth and it will help you burn of some of those calories consumed.

Take your mug with you, no not your beer mug your water mug. Use large glass for water and take it with you and try to get the same amount or more depending on your activity as you would at home.

Helpful tips for staying healthy and keeping up your progress for the very fun vacation season. Have a good one and remember to stay healthy.

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