Friday, July 10, 2009

Beyond Boot Camp

Hey there I wanted to let you know that there is now enough boot camp classes that you can get a 6 day a week full of workouts.
If you are not familiar with boot camps then please let me explain, Boot camp classes mimic that of actual boot camp training that the military go through. The difference is that we don't go as hard but we are thorough and we will not tell you that you make us sick but we will yell from time to time.

Our class last about 45 minutes while the military draws theirs out into 6 weeks. We do offer 6 week blocks of boot camp sessions but you don't have to sleep in a bunk or with 50 other people for that matter.

You will get in shape if you can follow along and get through the classes, we can even couple it with our online personal training so that you get all the nutrition education at the same time. I know sometimes I wonder how we do it too!

The coolest thing yet is the fact that we offer these everyday and soon will be offering them at two different locations! Thats right you heard it here first. We will be doing boot camp at Sevier Park (12th ave. south and Kirkwood ave.) and soon to be at Centennial park on west end ave.

Both locations need a little help with demand, you see we need you to tell us what times you would like and how many people you can get to the class. If you do this we will give you a week of boot camp for free! So get your buds together and get ready for some boot camp butt kicking.

All levels welcome!
First class starts tomorrow at Sevier Park and it is free!
9AM be there!

Followed by mon. wed. & friday at 6:30 Am this class is $12 or 12 for $140

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