Thursday, July 9, 2009

Regular Exercise

Hello again!
I want to talk to you today about keeping up a regular exercise routine. This will be important for you to understand as you go through life as a whole. Nutrition plays a huge part in whole health but we talk about that a lot, so lets get into the meat and potatoes of a regular exercise routine.

Walking is a good way to get started but you should not put all your trust in it for a full workout. If you are new to working out you can start with walking and within a week or so start working a little harder with that walk. Pick up the pace or try running instead, using a treadmill or going on a hike are great ways to get more out of your walk.

If you are closer to your "perfect weight" then you can get a little more serious about exercise like using weights and mixing in cardio. You increase your weight loss ability when you add a weight regiment or a resistance regiment to your cardio training. The best would be to use all three in a way that helps you get your heart rate up while you burn fat. Doing a weight regiment will have great impact on your results so long as you keep challenging yourself when you feel you are getting stronger. For instance when you can get to 20 reps with your 5 pound weights then its time to move up. Us guys can move up a little faster, I like to use heavier weights and when I get to 10 or 12 reps I go up in weight. This happens faster on certain muscle groups than others.

High reps is a good thing in any training routine. If you start with heavy weights first and then move into high reps with lower weights second you are sure to get a great burn from your workout. We do this in our workouts as well. It has a great effect when coupled this way with a heavy weight training regiment. It will get your muscles cut as you bulk a little to.

Ladies don't worry you will not bulk up! It takes a lot o f weight to add bulk so have no fear, besides that your frames usually don't allow this to happen. If you do notice a your body is starting to bulk try cutting the weight a little and do more resistance training.

Committing to this for more than a month will help you to make it a regular occurrence. The habit to exercise is what you need to develop here so don't lose sight of that goal. Set a time that is good for you and stick to it everyday, staggering your cardio and weight training so that you can get them both in.

Hope this helps you to get into shape but if it doesn't and you need the motivation please check us out online by going here.

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