Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gut Tree

What? There is a tree in my gut?
Well yeah, a tree full of good and bad bacteria! The problem is, that the tree is holding more bad than good but you can fix this. If you are taking a probiotic supplement you can that is.

You see a lot of people out there are worried about their belly fat without understanding that there is an internal problem. Probiotics and prebiotics and trying to multiply in you gut to repair it but you keep choking down food that is sterile and killing it's progress. Much like detoxifying the body, when you need to get toxins out you could just eat clean toxin free foods. But we don't, we want a detox kit or a pill that will do it. There are pills that will do it, but you will have to do it again because you keep putting toxins back into the old bacterias place. So is the process of replacing good bacteria with bad, stop eating crap, sterile, and dead foods.

We are good at making foods that will kill all kinds of bacteria but, just think of what we could do if we were good at rebuilding or even thinking about our guts and the good bacteria. There are years of toxins in your system, and if I get another client that says that one day of eating bad isn't going to kill them I will scream! Of course it will, it will kill any progress that you have made to rebuild it. At the very least you won't gain weight after a day or two but you will have trouble getting that bad stuff out.

You didn't put all that weight on for no reason, take a look at the origins of your weight gain. It could take months if not years to get your gut back to running at optimal levels. But once it does it is a thing of beauty! This is when you can maintain with diet alone and not so much exercise.

Rebuild your gut, eat raw foods and take some primal defense and learn how powerful a clean, fast running immune system and gut can really be.

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