Monday, September 28, 2009

What Wears Me Out

I love my job but if one more person says "how can I just lose 5, 10 or 15 pounds?" I will go nuts. I mean I understand everybody wants quick weight loss but what about whole health? Does anyone understand that if they could strip down there diets to the best ingredients available that they could have this as a side effect?

The primary thing that gets me is the fact that we are made this way by our culture. We want it all fast, when it takes time, for most of you it could take a year for your body to reset to it's "perfect weight". It is possible and if you are eating the right food like the ones listed on this FREE site you will keep it off without exercise.

Doing exercise is great but you can survive without it as long as you are eating really well. Your exercise is just another way to speed up weight loss. You must focus on your health for the long run and quit subscribing to the "quick fixes" of our culture. This doesn't me that you can't go out to dinner, there are a few of my clients that have perfected this. It's not that hard but it does mean you will have to listen and apply all aspects of the diet to your everyday, every location life.

Throw away some crap!
Get rid of some things for good, like white flour, splenda, and skim or soy milk. These are just a few things that you can do but you must remember one thing "you can Always do more!"

Get educated!
You have the world at your finger tips, it's called the internet. Learn about your food and if you can't trace your food back to the soil, than don't eat it. Only believe half of what you read and listen to your body.

If you need help I am here but make sure you are in this for life and not till you fit into something that you used to wear. It's is about life and eating for it.

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