Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why Do I Use These Products?

I like to recommend certain supplements for my clients and friends for that matter. As with anything I use I like to use the purest form of supplements as possible. That being said they must be whole food based as well as cost effective. Most of the time I have to trade the last one for quality, but not for bad quality. You see it's hard to find low cost alternatives to the best stuff out there, but I come pretty close with Garden Of Life products. There are three that I like to suggest for optimal nutrient delivery and increased energy for weight loss.

Oceans 3 cod liver oil is a great one, because it is nearly impossible for us to get the needed omega 3's from our food. But more than that Oceans 3 has two other helpful ingredients Fucoxanthin and Astaxanthin. These two are great at helping the body burn fat naturally, keep the core temp up all the time. All these ingredients plus ALA (essential fatty acid) for optimal assimilation into the body makes this a power product for anybody!

Primal Defense is a product that you can take for nearly any reason the least of which is to help lose weight. This probiotic blend is important for the body and especially your digestive system. Your bodies second brain, the digestive tract is responsible for many functions of the body. One of those is fighting disease and illness in general, which is a great thing to consider when trying to lose weight. The energy that your body uses to digest "bad" foods is amazing, but when you team primal defense up with a great diet your energy levels will go through the roof. This will make your boss, spouse and personal trainer very happy!

Lastly Greens, Greens and more Greens! You can never have enough of these and if you are a vegetarian you still cannot begin to scratch the surface of optimal vegetable delivery. Why? Because you are not tapping into the over 500,00 edible vegetables on this earth! On top of that you cannot assimilate your proteins with out the valuable antioxidants found in leafy greens. So you see Perfect Food-Greens Is one of my favorite things because it is so irreplaceable for all fitness levels and for the kids too!

Some secrets to my success are written here so partake of the wisdom given to you from this site and from your Bible because it's only through Christ that we have any power over our bodies at all! If you need any other help with these product please email me.

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