Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hard To Control, The Content Of Your Calories?

I am constantly asked the question "what about calories?" this question can have some weight to it, no pun intended. The thought behind just counting calories much like you see in nearly every fitness related article or on the Tv show The Biggest Loser, is just one sided. Yes, it will work but it would be like saying "hey there are two ways to lose weight but here is the hardest one, now go do it". Counting calories is the conventional thought behind losing weight along with exercise of course, but what if I told you that you don't have to count calories?

I know it sounds crazy but this wasn't the case 50 years ago, people weren't counting calories as a matter of fact, fewer people were over weight at all. What I am purposing to you is looking at the content of the calorie and not just the calorie itself. I want you to know and understand the origins of where your food came from, was it from the ground or from the lab? Answering this question when you read your labels is imperative to your health but even more than that you will be able to maintain with diet alone.

That is crazy, right? Well it has worked every time it is tried. It is currently working in rural countries where they grow and eat their own food as well as hunt their own meat. Calories are not the issue, the issue is what is pure? Are you eating and counting chemicals or raw fresh foods? Changing your frame of mind will help you to lose weight a little faster than otherwise but the key is it will NOT come back if you continue to use the right ingredients in your favorite foods.

Exercise and diet go hand and hand, you can really cut the extra weight fast if you do these two together. What I am suggesting is that you work just as hard or harder on reforming your way of eating by choosing cleaner, whole and organic ingredients. If you can do this and make it a habit you will achieve results and will be able to maintain once you get to your goal weight with diet alone!

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