Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are you ready?

In the fitness business you encounter two types of people, and they both are very different. The first type of person feels like they need to change or get into shape either because some one has told them to or they are angry about a comment made from a friend or relative. They will try and fail at changing their lives, they lack the discipline, the fuel if you will.

The second type of person is very different as previously stated they have made the decision from with in. They are tired of being tired, sick of feeling sick and ready to stop making excuses. This person is motivated right from the start and will do what ever they can to do it right. They are the easiest to train and very receptive to change. They attack their goals with passion, and finally they are ready to be fit for life.

Being fit for most means making sacrifices and changing the way they view exercise. Noting that they will now have to be a different type of person then they where previously. Then making those necessary changes with constant progress and vigor. They have their down falls but they are not defined by them. Their down falls are used as fuel and turned into positives.

I invite you to dig deep and find that person, the one person that can make the tough decisions and win.

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