Monday, May 5, 2008


If you are anybody who knows anything about fast food you know how bad for you it really is. Let me give you an example, one french fry from McDonald's has less nutritional value than a cigarette! I know that is really crazy, but it is true and the same goes for a hamburger from any fast food place.
If you take into account the amount of effort that goes into sterilizing our food you will understand that anything bleached, sprayed with chemicals, or pasteurized, is like eating nothing. Negative empty calories go no where, it is like you are eating paper, only greasier.
So where do those negative calories go? Well they end up stored in fat cells for later digestion because the body will always digest that which is raw or whole first because it needs the energy. What this does is causes your body to be in starvation mode even though you are eating food and gaining weight. Pretty crazy huh?
So if you are eating alot of processed food you are starving your body of its nutrients it needs to digest the food stored which in turn makes your body run more tired and sluggish.
Without the nutrients from food rich in vitamins and minerals you will have more body pain such as but not limited to arthritis, joints popping, headaches, backaches and lack of sleep.
Not to mention you are now heavier than you have ever been. The problem that most people have is that when they finally decide to do something about it, their metabolism is shot and their bodies can't regulate their glucose levels. Thus stripping you of the energy needed to reach any goal that pertains to weight loss.

Years and years of bad food stored up like your body is never going to eat again, thats obese America!

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Sherry said...


Can you give some recommendations for how to offset the occasional fast food meal? I know you have talked about taking digestive enzymes when eating out, to help your body digest it better. Just curious if there is anything more that will help to keep the body from going into starvation mode and storing it as fat if we were to slip up and eat fast food? :)