Monday, May 19, 2008

Breast Cancer

Want to Avoid Breast Cancer? Try Sunbathing
Using newly available data on worldwide cancer incidence, researchers have shown a clear association between breast cancer and a deficiency in exposure to sunlight. About 1,150,000 cases and 410,000 deaths from breast cancer occur annually worldwide.

Sunlight exposure triggers the photosynthesis of vitamin D3 in the body.

This paper used worldwide data only recently available through a new tool called GLOBOCAN, a database of cancer incidence, mortality and prevalence for 175 countries. This is the fourth paper using this tool to show a strong association between vitamin D and cancer. Previous studies examined the incidence of kidney cancer, ovarian cancer, and endometrial cancer.

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I find it interesting seeing how that all you here about the sun is skin cancer this or that. It is the single source for vitamin D, as it converts fats and good cholesterol at a very quick rate.
The sun is also good for weight loss, your body actually burns calories trying to regulate your temperature.

So go outside and enjoy the sun!

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