Thursday, May 1, 2008

Soft Drinks (Satans' Syrup)

Some shocking statistics:

The average American drinks an estimated 56 gallons of soft drinks each year
One can of soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar, 150 calories, 30 to 55 mg of caffeine, and is loaded with artificial food colors and sulphites.
Soda accounts for more than one-quarter of all drinks consumed in the United States.
In the past 10 years, soft drink consumption among children has almost doubled in the United States. Teenage boys now drink, on average, three or more cans of soda per day, and 10 percent drink seven or more cans a day.
The average for teenage girls is more than two cans of soda a day, and 10 percent drink more than five cans a day. 80
What’s wrong with soft drinks? Just about everything. First, they are loaded with sweeteners—usually high fructose corn syrup—or sugar substitutes, notable aspartame. (We have already discussed the negative effects of refined sugar on every organ and system in the body.) The sugar in soda pop is nothing but naked calories and acts as an anti-nutrient. Sugar in soft drinks accounts for 35 percent of all U.S. sugar consumption, and more than any other source, contributes to what has become a national addiction to sweet foods of all kinds.

Seems like a no brainer for me, but people are still drinking like maybe they want to die.
This information comes to you from my new study material, The Biblical Health Institute.

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